Our Story

We build technology that powers democracy

Sequent was founded with a very clear mission: to enable sustainable and thriving democracies in the 21st century by building the digital infrastructure that ensures democratic participation is accessible to all citizens.

We are a group of professionals with deep technological backgrounds, decades of electoral process expertise, and an unwavering commitment to developing trustworthy and reliable technologies and solutions that power democracies worldwide. Our cutting-edge online voting platform is a secure, end-to-end variable, and fully transparent system that has been successfully implemented in over 180 elections, with 2.7 million votes counted.

We work hard every day to innovate and enable new ways for citizens to participate in the democratic process by closely collaborating with academic researchers, cybersecurity experts, and government agencies. Our solution ensures better accessibility and convenience of voting while dramatically reducing costs and operational complexities.

Our Key Values

Digital Democracy

To thrive, democracy needs to reinvent itself in the 21st century. We are laying the foundations


Everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate and have their voice heard. No exceptions

Cutting-Edge Technology

Advanced cryptography, cyber security, and rigorous software engineering are the building blocks of our future democracy


Open-source software and continuous collaboration are crucial factors in building tomorrow's voting technologies

Academic Research

Academic experts are still working on the hard problems we need to solve. We need to ensure their success

Founding Team

The Sequent founding and advisory board have decades of expertise in voting technologies, cybersecurity and applied cryptography

Shai Bargil

Co-Founder & CEO

Eduardo Robles

Co-Founder & CTO

David Ruescas

Co-Founder & Head of Research

Board of Advisors

Dr. Joseph Kiniry

Principal Scientist at Galois
CEO & Chief Scientist at Free & Fair

Guy Barnhart-Magen

CTO at Profero Cyber Security
Ex-Intel Cyber Security Researcher

Prof. Douglas Wikström

Cryptographic Protocols Researcher &
Associate Professor at KTH Univerisity

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