Online voting platform, without compromise

Simple and easy-to-use online voting solution that provides you with the confidence to take elections online

Built by leading experts from academia and industry, Sequent allows you to provide voters with an accessible voting experience with complete confidence in the election process. Voters can cast their vote with ease and then track their ballot and verify that it was counted correctly while preserving their privacy. With Sequent, election organizers can run their elections on a publicly-vetted, open-source platform and provide end-to-end verifiable proof of the electoral results’ correctness.

How It Works

Election managers

Configure the election & design your ballot
Run election simulations with all stakeholders
Open the voting period


Authenticate & log in
Fill and cast a ballot

Supports on-device encryption

Track and verify your ballot

Using a ballot receipt. Known as “Individual Verifiability.”

Election managers

Close the voting period
Initiate election tally
Publish the election results

Election observers

Download the election set of proofs

They are publicly available

Independently verify the election results' correctness

Known as "Universal Verifiability."

1 - Election creation

Election managers

2 - Voting process


3 - Election closure

Election managers

4 - Public audit

Election observers


Easy-to-use voter application

Accessible to special voting population


Secure & private voting experience

verifiable voting

Individual and universal verifiability

Publicly-vetted platform

Customizable solution for all electoral systems

Scalable at need

API-based platform for 3rd party integrations

Affordable - x5 lower than voting by mail

Main Features

Configure Sequent to support your specific election needs, or talk to us regarding any specific requirements

Voter authentication

Electoral systems

Ballot styles

3rd party system integrations

Technology Partners

AWS GovTechStart Member
Microsoft for Startups Member
Microsoft ElectionGuard Contributor

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