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Degree of Privacy in Voting

This article demonstrates the natural extension of Diaz’s 2002 degree of anonymity model to voting scenarios. The outcome is straightforward but holds potential value for ...
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A Toy Model of Information – Theoretic Security

In a previous post, we discussed different types of uncertainty due to limited information or computations as the basis for cryptography. A Caesar cipher example demonstrated how an adversary ...
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Anonymity, Pseudonymity and E-participation

In this article, we will examine two papers related to the topic of anonymity in e-participation: Ruesch & Märker 2012 – “Making the Case for ...
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Homomorphic vs Mixnet Based E-voting

Although proposals have been made using other techniques, most common modern approaches to constructing secure voting systems can be divided into two categories: those based ...
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Uncertainty, Cryptography and Information

This post will discuss three types of uncertainty and how they can be used to understand cryptography. According to Wikipedia, uncertainty refers to an incomplete and/or ...
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