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Blockchains and Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and verifiability of cryptographically secure voting systems. Acting as a centralized storage system, the bulletin ...
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A bag of Dev Container Tricks

Nowadays, threre are a lot of tools, libraries, IDEs & plugins that are supposed to make the life of developers easier. But this also adds ...
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Calling Go Code From Rust: A Google Trillian Story

Although we have not officially announced any specific plan, it’s not a secret that at Sequent we’re developing our 2nd generation secure voting platform, because we ...
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A Universal Approach to Election Verification: An Opportunity for Increased Trust in Elections

A voting system is termed end-to-end verifiable (E2EVV) if it provides procedures to check that all steps of the voting process are executed correctly. These ...
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E-Voting Wasm Cryptography

The Sequent Voting Platform is an open-source E2EV internet voting system currently used in private organisations and non-legally binding elections of public organisations. The system ...
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Plaintext Encoding in ElGamal

In cryptography, ElGamal  is an asymmetric cryptosystem in which public and private keys are used to encrypt communication between two parties. ElGamal encryption plays a ...
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